An interview with our Farm Family Office Manager and Personal Assistant to our EP’s – Christine-Mari Barry

What is your favorite characteristic about The Farm Film Productions?

“Probably family, the sense of family. We all argue and even get irritated with each other but I think we all love each other. Its like there is a non verbal understanding that everyone has each others back.”

So tell us why you have such a sense of wanderlust?

“I think it was a passion that was awakened within me as a little girl, because my dad loves to travel and he would take us on short family trips. I love the feeling of freedom and having no expectations or deadlines, even though I know those things are a part of life. There is always something new to see, an adventure lurking around the corner, something exciting. I also enjoy the scariness of it, you don’t always know where you are going to sleep the next night, or if you have enough money to buy food or a train ticket. It can be daunting and scary in the moment, but I always know that it will be okay because I enjoy the adventure of it. I crave to travel, and if I don’t get my fix in for a while I get almost itchy and grumpy. I need more of it all the time. Its not particularly that I am an outdoor person, I’m actually more of a homey girl, yet I’m drawn to the “you never know what could happen feeling” that comes with traveling.”



Tell us a bit about where you grew up?

“On a dairy farm just outside a small town called Swellendam. It is a beautiful farm, my dad is the 5th generation on the farm and my brother the 6th. Growing up it was great because you actually knew what a cow looked like, which sounds random I know, but I remember people from the city bringing their kids to the farm and they had never seen a cow before, and I remember that being mind boggling for me. I have weird little memories like that.

My dad would teach us work ethic, that you just don’t get anything for nothing, we didn’t just get pocket money, we had to work for it. I remember on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon we had to go and feed the cows during milking hours, which I hated! However I feel really blessed for having been able to experience both the farm and the city lifestyle. I am definitely more of a city person than a country person, so I got bored quite easily, especially in high school. Even now when I go back there I find myself missing the busyness and adventures that await in the city.”

Where all have you been in the world and what is your favorite city thus


 “Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, the Maldives, Australia and Thailand. I have been to England, Scotland, Italy, France and Switzerland. I have also been to the ‘States three times. The most beautiful country I have been to is New Zealand. My favorite city is New York followed very closely by New Orleans.”

 Tell us what is so captivating about New York City for you?

“It’s just me. The first time that I ever went to the ‘States, I was working for a company at the time that involved me doing a lot of traveling and I was living in Atlantic City at that point. My boss said he was going to New York for the day and that he would take us, as everybody should experience it. So we all hopped in the car and drove for two hours. I was sitting in the back seat in the middle and I remember we kind of came around a corner and suddenly I saw the skyline of New York and I remember having this sense of being at home. My mind went quiet and I just thought…. home. I have never felt it before or since. Every time I go back I’m ecstatic and then when its time to leave I cry because I’m leaving home. So I cry the week before I leave NY, I cry when I’m on the plane, and then for the first week I’m back and then I sort of have to pick myself up and say okay, lets get on with life. That is the best way to explain it, there is no other way. Have you ever loved something so much but you’re not sure why, that’s New York for me.”

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