An Interview with #FarmFamily & Stunt Coordinator Leander Lacy

How long have you been involved with stunts in the Film Industry?

“16 years.”

How did you get into stunts?

“I come from a circus and flying trapeze background, and was approached by a Stunt Coordinator to jump through a 5th story window for a soup commercial.”

Leander Lacy teaching the cast how to fall forwards without injuring oneself.



Have you worked with any famous people?

“Not many, Jean Claude van Damme, William H Macy, The Script and Meg Ryan are probably the most famous ones.”

Have you enjoyed the jobs you have done with The Farm?

“For sure, we have done some awesome work with The Farm over the years. The Farm’s shoots are always very well planned and thought out.”

Leander standing on the far right coordinating a Skydiver .

Out of the many occasions you have worked with The Farm Film, please share a memory that really stands out to you? 

 “They always find the most amazing locations. I Remember hiking in to a location where there were two perfect rocks, with the perfect gap between them, and wondering how on earth they found such a specific location in the middle of nowhere.”


Have you ever injured yourself whilst performing a stunt? 

“Touch wood, nothing serious! Only once, a car hit was a little harder then expected and I ended up with a few stitches in the head. Lesson learnt, I am definitely not invincible.”

What are your favorite stunts to do? 

“High falls for sure, and base jumping, which is pretty much the same thing.”

Who would you still like to work with? 

 “Jackie Chan!”

A shoot for Kit Kat in 2015 that involved rigging an “astronaut” so that it looked like he was in zero gravity in space.

 What sport do you do to stay fit? 

 “General hiking and Base Jumping.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

 “I love the outdoors, and just became a dad, so baby time comes first!” 


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