VSCO, Shooting in SA, & The Best Thing About Being A Film Director.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Director Mark Jenkinson of Rogue Films London.

Have you enjoyed your time in Cape Town so far? 

“I love Cape Town very much and being in Africa is very special, I can somehow feel that we all began here. The light, the people and the wide mix of locations in close proximity is amazing for filming.”

 We have noticed that you use the VSCO APP for a lot of your Instagram shots, do you use it to grade your professional photos as well? 

“VSCO is a really powerful and helpful tool for me. It saves me a lot of time and allows me to grade my photos when I’m busy working. I shoot so many photos while I’m traveling and working and I use it for everything i shoot, iPhone, Fuji Xpro and Canon5D. I do a lot of adjusting with each photo once a preset is applied because sometimes they are a little heavy handed i like a slightly more natural look. It’s interesting how the extreme Instagram grades have already become a bit passé because they were so extreme and don’t stand the test of time.”

 What is the best thing about being a film director?

“There’s so many aspects to my job that I love. I think that any job which allows you to create something physical that begins in your head is immensely satisfying.  I love selecting and being surrounded by incredible people with such talent to form perfect collaborations. The teamwork element to film making is so much fun because everyone brings their talents together for you to use and suddenly you can execute things you couldn’t do on your own. It’s job where you never stop learning and your always trying to be better. This aspect is great because I’m always switched on and conscious of every choice I make. I love the process of working through all the options to come to a creative decision that supports the narrative, which I strongly believe in. I also really love the pressure of film making (i think you have to) – 60 people constantly looking at you for answers and decisions, the clock ticking away, the budget and the endless creative problem solving are all aspects I feed off while shooting. I think the simple act of looking through a lens is my favorite part.”



5B5A6977.jpgDo you have any advice for up and coming film makers? 

“There’s so much advice one could give but i think a few of the most important things are:

  1. Always be nice. Everyone will enjoy it more and because of this they will give you their best. Ultimately your film will benefit. In addition to this, while being nice, always challenge and push your team to offer up better and more original ideas.
  2. Find teammates that inspire you and challenge you back – I love to work with certain DOP’s that can understand my vision but also strive to push me out of my comfort zone.

 I find these moments are where I do my best work.”

 Out of all the places you have been in the world, which is your favorite to shoot? 

“I fell in love with Moab in Utah because it’s a closely packed collection of totally contrasting landscapes (Desert rock, deadwood forest, snow topped mountains and canyons) all equally mind blowing in the scale and beauty. I can’t wait to go back to South Africa again because I know places that I’m desperate to shoot in.”


 What is the one element that you always try to achieve in your work? 

“I always look for ways to emotionally connect the viewer to the story and its characters through mood. Defining and creating a strong mood is so important to me.”

 Whatever you would like to add? 

“Always take a camera with you.”

Check out some of Mark Jenkinson’s stills he shot of the crew whilst he was onset with us. https://www.flickr.com/photos/therealmarky/albums/72157656812871962/with/20329178831/


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