Some Time Spent With Wardrobe Mistress & #FarmFamily Gillian Scott

You have just taken a break to have your beautiful baby boy, what is it like to be back in the Film Industry? 

“I enjoyed my job and being creative again and seeing the Farm family, as it’s been over 8 months since I’ve seen them all. It was a little hard on my boy as he is only 6 months old and he got sick during the job. Ive decided to take another break until he is a little older and then I will officially be back.”

How did get into the Wardrobe Department in the Film Industry? 

“I studied Fashion Design at Cape Technikon and then started straight away in the film industry shadowing a wardrobe mistress (that’s what we were called back in the day) and then went into the manufacturing side because I can cut patterns and sew. My first project was a knock off Christian Dior wedding dress and that was quite something, 20 metres of white satin just in the skirt part of the dress!!”

What are your top five go to items of clothing?

“For an actress in a film I would say:

1. A well fitted pair of jeans that flatters their own body shape.

2. Leather pumps or sandals, I don’t do plastic. (Heels are always a pain, as when you shoot with sound they make such a noise!)

3. Well fitted luxurious underwear. You have to have a good foundation to start from so that clothes can hang on you well and no VPL’s!  (Visible panty lines)

4. A good brand of sunglasses like Ray Ban, etc. Nothing quite finishes off a sexy/sassy look better.

5. A great cropped leather jacket in a tan or a black that you can wear with a summer dress or skinny chino’s and jeans.”

_MKK7252Have you ever dressed anyone famous? 

“Yes I’ve been fortunate to work with quite a few. Richard Gere, Hilary Swank, Cheryl Lad, Rutger Hauer, Tom Sizemore, Scott Eastwood, David Leon,  Arnold Vosloo and super model Elle McPherson. Ive worked with sporting stars Lewis Hamilton, Ruud Gullet and Jacques Kallis. I have also worked with directors Mira Nair, Luc Besson, Mary McCartney and Gavin Hood.”

How long have you been working with The Farm Film? 

“Since 2009.”

Tell us about a shoot that you did with us that really stands out? 

“ITV was fun as they used everyday guys from the UK who won a competition to be in an action movie. They got to do stunts from movies like car crashes, explosions, sliding across police car bonnets in the pouring rain, karate fights on suspension cables and shooting at each other like in a war situation. So, there was a lot of special effects  and these guys had so much fun doing it all!”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

“I’m a new mom, so spending all my free time with my son and my husband.”


What is your favourite time period to dress? 

“Anything from the 20’s to the 40’s.”

Which wardrobe labels are you in love with? 

“I personally love Japanese designers. The way they cut and the use of natural fabrics are unbelievable. They are so different to the western way of design, they make it look effortless and their pieces are usually timeless.”

Do you have any advice for up and coming film makers? 

“Work with as many people as you can when you are training so you can find out what works for you and inspires you. Then develop your own way and don’t be scared to be different or new because that is what will make you remarkable. Never conform.”


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  1. Sonja says:

    Richard Gere…….now thats someone i would like to help clothe!!

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