Director of Photography – Antonio Paladino

We have recently had the pleasure of working with Director of Photography Antonio Paladino quite a few times over the last season. Needless to say we have got to know him quite well, and we think you should too.

Hornbach – Partizan Film




Have you enjoyed your experience with The Farm Film Productions?

“Yes, as always. I have been working with The Farm for many years now. I love Capetown, I love South Africa. This last project in particular, was a very production heavy project and I was really impressed how Swenja at Partizan and you guys at The Farm pulled it off.”

What made you decide to be a cinematographer instead of a dentist?

“During high school I saved enough money by selling Häagen-Dasz Ice-Cream in the afternoon, pealing onions on the weekends (no joke!) and working as a runner in a model agency in order to buy a small camera, a used backpack and a plane ticket to New York. I managed to travel for a whole year on a super low budget all the way down to Central America. On this trip I quickly realized that it might be much more fun to travel and take pictures for a living rather than looking into people´s mouths the whole day. I know that this is where I should usually say that I shot my first Super-8 film at the age of 4 or that a Fellini-Film inspired me to become a D.o.P., but unfortunately this is not the case.”

You have shot all over the world, where is your favourite place to shoot and why?

“Namibia! The landscapes are magic!”


Evian – Wanda Films






KFC – Rattling Stick



What do you love doing in your down time?

“Spending time with my family, playing guitar, woodwork, gardening, different exercises for physical and mental relaxation, cooking and watching movies in the evening with my wife.”

What is your all time best piece of equipment that you refuse to shoot without?

“There isn´t really. Every project requires different stuff, however the Alexa Mini is the kind of camera I do not want to miss!!”

Hornbach – Partizan Films

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-15 um 20.56.20.png




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