It’s Time You All Got To Know Kabelo Seane

What do you do at The Farm?

“I’m a producer.”

What are your favourite things to do in your free time? 

“I don’t know what you mean by free time…but reading, watching films / series, listening to music are generally what I’d do to catch my breath.”

What is it about Vinyl that you love so much or that draws you in?

“I’m a collector of music… it’s been a hobby of mine since i was a kid. I still watch old shows on VHS tapes. I am an analogue junkie.”


What is the most challenging aspect of your job that you experience in your day to day life? 

“Troubleshooting which is the essence of producing and ensuring everyone is on the same page.”

 Tell us your favourite film / series / commercial  quote? 

“ “You play it and you plan it to win. In the real world, nobody wants to hear excuses or empty rhetoric. No, they want to know if you have a plan!”- Professor Phipps – Higher Learning by John Singleton.”


What makes you passionate about your job?

“The thrill of accomplishment once all is said and done.”


Share a fond memory from a job you have produced recently?  

“We recently did a job where a naked man jumps off a cliff and rolls down a hill and crashes through various obstacles. One of the scenes involves the man’s naked derrière falling onto a sharp screw. In order to get the fall at the right angle with the right light, our AD had to stand in between the naked mans stretched out legs, grab both legs and motion him gently into the screw. Without context, you’d think we were shooting some sort of alternative snuff film.”

Tell us your best memory so far from working at The Farm Film?

“I was on a job that was going horribly pear-shaped for various reasons and both the owners of Farm Films were on set for moral support and they ended up having to hot wire a random cherry picker to get it to our set. I then had to use my car to guide one of the said owners of Farm Films, driving the cherry picker, to set. I’m not sure if I can tell you this…but there was a cop present so…c’est la vie…:-)”

 How do you feel about coming into work every day at The Farm Film?

“It’s got a certain brand of crazy that speaks to me…”


What was one of the most challenging jobs you have ever worked on and why? 

“All jobs come with their individual set of challenges, but the most challenging I would have to say was trying to find a corner of a building that would work for a certain car commercial. I never thought finding something so simple could make one potentially lose brain cells.”

 Which job will you never forget and why?

“Probably the job with cherry picker, previously mentioned, stands out the most not only because of things going horribly wrong, but the way we had to band together to make things right, speaks volumes of the Farm family brand.”


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