Our Farm Family Office Assistant Phamela Nkwelo



How long have you worked for The Farm Film Productions?

“Four years”.

Where did you grow up, and do you miss home?

“ I grew up in the Eastern Cape in a town called Tsolo. Yes, I do miss home as most of my family are still there. My late grandfather was a lawyer and had a vegetable farm, which my uncle now runs. He mostly farms potatoes, mielies, spinach, cabbage, various beans, and a few cattle. My Grandfather would keep us busy on the farm as kids doing various chores to keep us out of trouble. The farm is a beautiful piece of land that will always be the home in my heart. I moved to Cape Town with my mother when I was 10 years old. My mother was a single parent and she worked hard to raise me and for that I will always love her dearly.”



What is your favourite thing about working for The Farm?

“ I like working with all the different characters in the office. I learn so much about people and their cultures, which I enjoy. Working at The Farm I have realized how important education really is, which is why I want to go back to school to get my Matric so that I can study further.”




Tell us a bit about your family and kids?

“ I have two children, a girl of 9 years and boy of 2 years. My daughter Elam wants to be a doctor when she grows up and she is always telling me that one day she will buy me a car and a house! My Son Avuzwa is very naughty and constantly wants to play wrestling and soccer instead of going to bed at night! I love my children, they mean the world to me!

What do you want to become after your studies?

“ I want to become a Social Worker because I feel like I have good people skills and I really love children. I want to be able to council the Youth of today on important issues. I would like to ultimately make a difference in my community and country.”



Why is your favourite place the beach?

“ I like swimming and there is something about water that I love. As a child growing up I used to swim in a river close to my house as often as possible! I’m a water baby through and through! ”



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