An interview with our #FarmFamily Office Assistant – Sylvie Mbe

How long have you worked for The Farm Film Productions?

“I have worked for The Farm from when they first opened in 1998.”

Tell us a bit about where you grew up?

“I grew up in the Northern Cape in a small town called Prieska not so far from Upington because my family stayed there. I have fond memories of us kids swimming in the Orange River on those hot summer afternoons!”

What is your favorite thing about working for The Farm?

“I enjoy meeting the various different kinds of personalities you meet in the Film Industry and our clients that are from abroad.”

 Tell us a bit about your family and kids?

“My parents are both still alive and we are four kids, being two brothers and two sisters. My baby sister recently passed away last November due to cancer, so I am sadly the only sister now. I have two lovely children! My daughter Grace, is a respectful child who is forever smiling! My son Martin, is a real boy! He is very energetic and a bit naughty sometimes.”

Sylvie -6.jpgSylvie -13.jpgSylvie -10.jpg

Why do you love The Company Gardens in Cape Town so much?

I love the gardens in Cape Town very much because of all the green living things that seem to make my soul smile! I like to feed the birds and the very friendly squirrels. The smell of the garden makes you feel alive! I bring the kids here sometimes and we have picnics with our close family and friends and just spend the whole day here! So I suppose its really filled with happy memories for me.”

Sylvie -8.jpg

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I look forward to seeing my kids grow up and follow their own professional careers! I’m also excited to be a grandmother!”

Sylvie -4.jpg





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