Interview with #FarmFamily & VTO Operator Anthony English: 

How did you become a Video Takeoff Operator in the Film Industry? 
“I was a runner for three years and took the VTO route as it was just a way of making it into cinematography.
How long have you been in the game? 
“ I have been in the Film Industry for twenty nine years (I think).”
Tell us what some of your tattoos mean? 
“ Most of my tattoos relate to my children and some of the challenges life has given us as a family.”
Anthony (Known as Ant ) onset with us on a Citroen job in 2015.
Nissan 2015
Why the dreadlocks? 
“ Basically I had wanted dreads from a very young age. My mom told me that at age eight or nine I wanted them. I started growing them when I was around twenty one.
For me, they represent my outlook as a member of society and hopefully create some form of positivity amongst people I meet.
They have, however, also had the averse effect but that remains the problem of the people with the negativity.”
What is your favourite film of all time? 
“The Big Lebowski!”
Anthony and Line Producer Craig Siney on Nissan 2015
Arla Day 2 Behind Scenes (40 of 73).jpg
Arla 2012
Tombola 2009
We noticed that you are a little obsessed with the clothing label “Supreme” tell us why? 
“Supreme has been something I feel a part of in some way as it forms the background to my obsession with New York City and everything the city encompasses for me and my boys. It is an integral part of the New York City I have come to know.”
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 
“I listen to a lot of music, mainly Reggae and I collect vinyl. My children form a big part of that as they are with me whenever I am not working.”
Do you enjoy working with The Farm Film? 
Of course!
Please share a fond memory from a job you have done with us. 
“Mauritius 😍🤣💃🏻.”
When did you first meet Peter Sherlock our Executive Producer? 
“ I met Peter a very long time ago. I think I really got to know him the most during a very tough shoot in Namibia. All I can say is a lot of Jaegermeister!!!”

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