Recently we had the pleasure of working with – Director Matthias Hoene

Did you enjoy your time in Cape Town with us recently?
“I had the loveliest time in Cape Town. Great team. Great work. Great Wine.”

How did working with our local crew differ from some of your other experiences?
“I’ve worked all over the world and Cape Town is one of the easiest and most pleasant places to shoot.

What in your opinion specifically sets you apart from other directors? 

“I’ll let my team, collaborators and viewers answer that.”

Matthias discussing the shot with Director Of Photography Alard De Smidt onset. 
Matthias and Executive Producer Moritz Merkel
What is your most revered movie of all time and what series are you currently watching? 

“Terminator 2.”

Do you have a motto or favourite quote and why? 

“Film makers take us to places we don’t know and make us empathise with people unlike us.”

As a photographer in your spare time, how do you manage to do both directing and photography work and do you think one influences the other?

“For me photography is kind of a sketchbook for my film work. I like the immediacy of taking photos and I like the process of telling stories with images.”

BH -8.jpg
Matthias on a still’s shoot in Cape Town. 
BH -3.jpgbh-5BH -4.jpg
“Out of all the places you have been in the world, which is your favourite to shoot? 

“The inside of my head.”

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming film makers?

“Don’t give up.”

Check out more about Matthias at :

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