Burger King

Director Ivan Grbovic:

Having worked previously with Farm Film, our local crew were no strangers to Grbovic’s atmospheric and contemporary style. With a strong background as a Director of Photography, Grbovic’s work usually involves a challenging technical element. This element, however, is embraced by our production team and local crew, as we endeavor to assist our director in bringing his prerequisite to life on camera.



Above: Director, Grbovic


Above: Director, Grbovic and assistant director, Bob Wilkins



Above: Director, Grbovic

Along with our art director Clyde Rainsbury, Grbovic crafted a gloomy setting that draws his audience into a fantasy world, twisted closely enough to reality, in order to keep his viewers captivated.


The commercial was set in a prison, Farm scouted our secret location in an old factory, warehouse. This set soon became an intensely creative build, as our art department dressed jail cells, created prison bars and even built an electric chair.




The electric chair now sits in the office of our executive producer, Peter Sherlock. Yikes!



Above: Assistant Director, Bob Wilkins testing out the chair


Along with our exiting sets and technical camera set ups, our sister company The Pound provided us with our drivers and picture cars.


BurgerKing-10 copy



BurgerKing-9 copy


Burger King was a team effort, our crew all came together to help produce a product that everyone is proud of. Farm Film looks forward to the future challenges that our friends at Wanda Paris bring us.

Check out the final cut here: http://www.wanda.net/fr/director/ivan-grbovic/


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