Gaffer Gibbons

Meet #FarmFamily and Gaffer Paul Gibbons:

How long have you been in the film industry? 

“ 32 years. I started as a runner for a friend of mine needing some help and I soon gravitated towards the lighting department. I then slowly worked my way up . I have been a Gaffer now for 20 odd years.”


Which part of being a Gaffer do you enjoy the most?

“The actual designing of the lighting of a scene or a set. It is scientific yet somehow also magical. It’s like painting a picture with layers of light.”

U.B.S. TVC for Rattling Stick – 2017
Unicef TVC for Moxie Pictures – 2016
On the Hornbach job for Partizan Films – 2016


Which famous DoP’s have you worked with?

“Ha! So many Top Top lad’s!! Anthony Dod Mantle (A.S.C. B.S.C.), Shaun Bobit (A.S.C. B.S.C.), Beanar Littic… So many, recently Antonio Paladino with The Farm Film Productions.

Seen with DoP Antonio Paladino on the Hornbach TVC – 2016
Emirates TVC for Moxie Pictures – 2016
Littlewood job for St Lukes – 2016

Do you have any tips for someone wanting to go into the film industry?

“Put aside any notions of glamour. It is long hours and hard work and both physically and mentally demanding. Also, don’t be a “doos”! Make an effort to get on with people, It’s all about teamwork and thinking out of the Box.”


What is the most exciting location or set that you have ever had to light?

“A western cowboy movie I did in Namibia called Gallow Walker. I did some really big night scenes of an old western town which looked amazing in the desert.”


What is your favourite movie at the moment? 

“The Hateful Eight a Quentin Tarantino film.”


Do you enjoy working for The Farm Film? 

“Very much so. Probably more so than with any other production company. Not only are they work colleagues but many of them have become friends as well.”

Sprite for Soft Target – 2015



U.B.S. 2017
That one time when we caught Paul… Milkana for Partizan Films – 2016

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“I am a sneakily good cook which might surprise people. What I am really excited for, is that I am working my way towards buying a kick ass Winnabego in which I intend to explore the country at leisure and stop along the way to fish for Bass and Tiger fish.”


Are there any Farm Film jobs that have stood out for you, and that you will never forget?

“Rexona for the 2010 Olympics, there were some very demanding lighting requirements on unusual sets but very exciting and challenging and ultimately most rewarding. Other ones that I will never forget are The Bloodhound SSC projects for Jaguar and Geely.”

Bloodhound S.S.C. – Jaguar – 2014
Bloodhound S.S.C. – Geely – 2016



Why do you follow @FarmFilmSA on Instagram?

“As I said earlier, I consider The Farm to be my friends and it is always good to keep up with your mates.”

Hornbach – 2016
U.B.S. – 2017


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