Swedish Director Henrik Hanson

You have worked with The Farm on the Vita Campaign twice now, what has your experience with us been like?

“It’s been great both times, great crews, good attitudes and always so organised and professional.”

2014 – Henrik Hansen onset with The Farm Film.
2016 – Henrik Hanson shooting again with us.


Out of all the places in the world you have shot, in your opinion which has the best light?

“L.O.L., the question defeats the answer, hahaha, you know the answer.”


2014 – Henrik Hanson and D.o.P. Andreas Kock with model Klara Wester.
2016 – Henrik Hanson filming ballet dancers.


On the last shoot you did with us you had an old Bolex Camera and shot parts of the TVC on 16mm film, why did you decide to go this route instead of grading digital footage to look like film?

“Because you can’t emulate that look digitally. I mix a lot of formats in my work.”

Henrik Hanson roped into the side of a Low Loader with a picture vehicle on it,  shooting on 16mm film as we drive up a very windy mountain pass during sunset.


You have done some work with world renowned band Swedish House Mafia in the past, tell us what that was like?

“Their ride has been amazing, I remember working with them when nobody knew who they were. It’s been a long journey with them, a lot of hard work has been put into making their films and many nights spent in nightclubs. I’m very thankful for having worked with them.”

2016 – Henrik Hanson filming model Klara Wester.
2016 – Henrik Hanson chatting to Model Klara Wester and our E.P. Peter Sherlock who simply had to drive the picture vehicle ( 1960 – Mustang ) onset that day.


What is Model Klara Wester like to work with?

“I love working with her, her looks and her personality are so different. She’s a sweetheart who looks and can act really bad ass, and that is why she is so great at what she does.”

Check out his Vita 2014 Directors Cuts here: https://vimeo.com/160710309

Henrik Hanson’s website: http://www.henrikhanson.se


2016 – He braved the cold Atlantic Ocean!
2014 – Henrik Hanson and D.o.P. Andreas Kock shooting side by side.
2016 – Silhouette shot of Henrik Hanson on the back of a Low Loader whilst finishing the sunset shots for the day.

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